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I'm Charis

(they / them) - {kar-is}

Beautiful photography for all.

I'm a transmasculine, non-binary photographer with a passion for euphoria. Come as you are, and we can build a gallery of photos that reveal your truest self in a space free of beauty standards, Let's fall in love with you together.

When I came out, I found myself avoiding being photographed at all costs; the fear of dysphoria and dysmorphia terrified me. I started my photography business as a way to create an expressive space to feel represented. Your photos will look and feel exactly like you.


I - and everyone in my practice - am an anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-Zionist, anti-capitalist artist, excited to work with you for your professional or personal photo needs. I offer sliding-scale pricing for QTBIPOC+ clients - you need only ask.

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